Nadi Airport

If you travel frequently, you’ll quickly find that airports the world over are renovating, or being built a new. Grand architectural designs for central hub points for mass-transit of people isn’t a bad thing! In fact, if anything, architecture is something people should learn to appreciate more… it’s certainly one of the things I love about travel. But then, the norm for 99% of structures in Fiji is boring at best, so soaking up anything else is pampering for my eyes!

The new Nadi Airport building is a far cry from the old one. The Departure Terminal is impressive (by Fiji standards) with its distinctive Y shaped columns and high ceiling curving like a wave overhead. It’s a nice space to be in – especially in the early mornings as the light streams in from the East at sunrise. This entrance section was plainly built new, while everything else is renovated in varying degrees. Obviously, when you build on top of an existing structure, there are only so many things you can do without disrupting the movement of the the travellers. Nonetheless, they’ve done a great job… it’s mostly natural light friendly, and more importantly, the Air Conditioning works!

I’ve certainly seen worse in my travels!

Below are some images that I was commissioned to take for Fiji Airports.

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