Eremasi Rova

E3 – Portrait of a Fiji Rapper

Eremasi was at one time, my able-bodied assistant on assignments, and occasionally he’d get in front of the camera if I thought the light was looking cool, as is the case in the portrait below which was taken whilst we were doing an interior room shot at Nanuya Island Resort.

A multi-talented artist, he dabbles in Photography, Video and Music. He used to sing as E3, and he aspired to be a world class Music Producer.  That was a lifetime ago though – now a father, with a steady job and responsibilities that mean music has taken a temporary hiatus.

Looking forward to the day when he makes a return to the sound waves.

Portrait of Eremasi using light filtering through louvre blades

Eremasi Rova aka E3 – Fiji Hip Hop artist and Music producer

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