Fiji took a hell of a hit on February 20th – and though we may be down, the images that have come through online have showed that despite the overwhelming scale of the damages, the resilience and spirit of the people still shine through.

I for one am super proud of all the people I know who are going out there and getting things done. Legends every one of them.
It’s no doubt, going to take a hell of a long time to recover, but I know behind those smiling faces of Fiji‘s people, are even bigger hearts – and by pulling together, we won’t just recover, we’ll be stronger than ever!

So to help give back to the country and people that have given us so much, a group which I am a part of on facebook, started an online appeal.

The purpose of the appeal is to raise funds and distribute them to the multiple groups that are on the ground helping people who so desperately need it. While the fund was made specifically for the Photographers of Fiji group members, we are also accepting donations from the public as well…. so if you’d like to add some to the kitty, it would be very much appreciated. Every cent counts!

The appeal will run till the 20th of February 2017, and as the needs on the ground change over time, the groups that receive donated funds will change also.
The funds will be donated at regular intervals – every week initially, then every month, until the year is up. All the money that is in the kitty at the time of disbursement, will be donated, but a running tally of donations will of course be kept.

If you do choose to donate to our cause (to which I thank you in advance) and you want to nominate a particular group from our list to focus your donation to, then just write down the group name and the percentage of your donation, and it will be done!

I myself am going to pledge at least 5% of my income for the next 12 months…

Find out more about our cause here: https://www.youcaring.com/StrongerThanWinston

Or you can just jump straight into donating by clicking here.