Day 4

Back to the roadside dump along the main road near the “Vuda Town” centre. This tree is about 10 meters away from the main drop zone, but a few of the litterbugs are obviously wanting to make sure it doesn’t miss out on all the fun. Not only are they aiming for it, some of them are going in and placing things on the tree deliberately – as seen in the beer bottle near the fork on the right hand side… and so this man-made “fruit” sits in bountiful display for all who go by.

I had taken this earlier in the day while going to the shop – and truth be told I was planning on going out in the afternoon and scoping out some alternatives… but something else came up, and this has to be it for today.

Technically, there is nothing great about the image, but an interesting thing to note is the shutter speed I took it at.. 1/16,000 sec…

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