Day 5

I thought I’d go to a new spot today. I’d seen a small dump from the road just past a settlement near Lauwaki on the way to Lautoka.
I had to park my car and walk the 200m there because it was on a sweeping curve in the road. On the way, I couldn’t help but notice how bad the dumping was. I got one shot in, and then passed another 2 dump sites right there by the side of the road before getting to where I wanted to go. I could see that the road didn’t offer me a good perspective, so I reluctantly went down to the railway track to get the view I wanted… Reluctantly, because I was barefoot, having left my trusty bata on a boat yesterday.
I got the shot I wanted, then instead of going back up, I thought I’d loop back along the railway line. I passed at least another 5 dumping spots on the way back to the car.
I took my last picture about 100m from my car. Its the image I’ve chosen to feature today. I wonder how much worse the litter would look if it weren’t for the foliage.

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