Day 3

I had already taken the photo I wanted to post earlier in the day – but on my way home from an unsuccessful sunset recon this evening, I came across this scene. It’s been like this for months, so I knew it was there. I actually drove past it, but then a couple of hundred meters down the road, I thought what the hell, and turned around to come back to it. In the end, I’m glad I did. I think technically its a better image than the one I’d planned on earlier.

Day 3 – “The Poison and the Plastic”
Were it not for the weedicide that has been liberally sprayed over the tracks and drain, either in preparation for the cane trains or as easy roadside grass maintenance, we would probably not see the extent of the garbage that sits there. But it is there, right next to the main road… and nobody cares about the poisoning of ourselves and the environment.

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